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Mr. Starkman was a crown prosecutor and has over 20 years of experience as an Impaired Driving Lawyer.

If you been charged with impaired driving in Toronto, you should NOT plea guilty to the charge or you will face severe ramifications. The law office of Brian Starkman deals with impaired driving charges in Toronto and all throughout Ontario. If you have received a Toronto impaired driving charge, call 1 866 WE WIN 01 for a free consultation. Brian Starkman’s office has a very high success rate in winning Toronto impaired driving charges. Although he takes the majority of the Toronto impaired driving cases to trial and attempts to fully dismiss the charge, he is also able to plea bargain the impaired driving criminal charge down to a traffic ticket! Brian Starkman’s office handles over 100 impaired driving cases/year in Ontario which is why he is one of Toronto’s most well known and respected criminal lawyers and wins most Toronto impaired driving charges. He has been mentioned in over 100 Toronto Star articles and is regularly quoted in the media locally in Toronto and other parts of Ontario. He has a team of Toronto impaired driving lawyers, Ontario impaired driving lawyers, toxicologist, that can also help win your impaired driving case. If you have been charged with an Ontario impaired driving charge, call the law office of Brian Starkman at 1 866 WE WIN 01 to schedule your free impaired driving consultation.