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Without Brian’s expertise I would have been convicted for sure. You get what you pay for and I paid for the best. After attending court in Bancroft for my DUI trial, Brian got me the best possible result. Charges withdrawn. I highly recommend Brian Starkman.

Brian Starkman did an excellent job defending my over 80 charge. After meeting with a few lawyers beforehand, it became clear that Brian was confident, knowledgeable, and experienced to the point that he quickly became my first choice. Throughout the case he was honest and straight forward, answering quickly any questions I had. And in court, he was calm and competent in the arguing of my case, which we won. I would without hesitation refer anybody and everybody who finds themselves in a similar unfortunate circumstance to Mr. Starkman. Thank-you Brian and your team.

Brian Starkman is a brilliant lawyer with extensive experience. I was terrified with the thought of having a criminal charge (DUI/over 80). After meeting with Brian and sharing the facts I felt confident in Brian’s knowledge of the law and expertise in his field. He was honest, and upfront throughout the time period between meeting him and my day in court. When meeting Brian Starkman, he lead me to believe I had a good case and he was successful in having my charges reduced. Have no hesitation in trusting Brian Starkman to represent you and advocate for you within the justice system.

Brain Starkman best lawyer in town. I had DUI Over 116 – 120. Brain took my case and kept me informed about the court dates. His assistant Karen would answer any of my questions and return all my calls. Brain handled my case in a very professional manner. His criminal defines lawyer partner Richard went with me in the court and got me off on a careless driving with 6 points off and had to install the interlock device for 12 months. However no Criminal Record. He has no sales pitch will tell you what he can do for you depending on your case he is genuine and hard working lawyer!! I would highly recommend this lawyer!!!

His professionalism , dexterity and succinctness makes him probably the best Criminal Defense Attorney In Ontario and Canada. If you need a lawyer Brian is the best, you need not look any further. Ontario’ s Best criminal defense lawyer.

In 2011, I found myself facing four serious charges. After conferring with a number of candidates to represent me, I knew that Brian Starkman was THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB. It took 18 months for my matter to go to trial and Brian’s efforts were always on point. Going through an ordeal of this nature is traumatizing, however, I knew that I was in good hands and my utmost confidence in his capabilities was well rewarded. At trial he quickly decimated the Crowns offerings. What was to be a two day trial was over by lunch the first day. His knowledge of the law, his deft application of courtroom skills and his attention to the details of my case were masterfully executed on this thankful clients behalf. The charges were withdrawn. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing his talents at work. It is a fine thing to watch a true professional at the pinnacle of his calling and BRIAN STARKMAN IS THAT MAN!! He has represented me admirably on two separate occasions. He is THE BEST!!

I am a professional who was charged with over 80. It was the most terrifying experience of my life because I had so much to lose by being charged with a criminal offence. I contacted Brian and he put me at ease during our first meeting by thoroughly going over my case without giving me any false sense of hope. Over the months he represented me, he and his staff thoroughly took care of me by knowing my case inside and out and planning a strong defence. His delivery in the courtroom was confident and carefully planned. He argues your case with ease due to his experience and preparedness. Ultimately my case was dismissed all because of Brian. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and I cannot thank him enough.

Brian is an excellent attorney. I was charged with over 80 and Brian was honest and upfront with me the whole way through the experience. Honestly if you need a criminal defense attorney for anything Brian is your guy. He walks into the courtroom prepared and is able to react to any new information instantaneously, leaving the crown stumbling after themselves. Brian’s communication leading up to the trial had me worried, as this was my first experience with any court proceedings at all, but those fears were alleviated quickly once I saw him work in the courtroom. And in all honesty he wasn’t there to hold my hand he was there to win my case, which he did. My case was dismissed. Brian is the only criminal attorney I would contact if I ever needed help again in the future and I HIGHLY recommend him.

I hired Brian Starkman because a friend of mine had a similar case to mine to which Brian had got him out of. The charges against me included “DUI” and “Flight From Police”. Brian Starkman handled my case with professionalism and great knowledge. In the courtroom Brian had the Crown Attorney’s case in a tailspin, which he called a train wreck. After a short period of time the Crown came to Brian to offer him a deal to which got me out of both criminal offences. Brian Starkman is a great lawyer who knows his stuff and is very professional. Just relax let Brian Starkman “drive the bus!”

I was referred to Brian Starkman by the owner of a large trucking company who informed that Brian has successfully defended 3 truck drivers. Brian Starkman is an outstanding lawyer. The charges against me for operating a vessel (boat) while impaired where thrown out on not one but two different points. The amount of research and work he put into my case was astounding. To me it seemed the Judge was even impressed with his presentation. I thought I knew the best approach for my defense but Brian really knows his business and the crown didn’t have a chance against him. I thought his fees were high at first but when you consider the cost of a conviction and the ongoing expenses he is absolutely worth the investment. When the charges against me were dismissed it felt like he gave me my life back. I would suggest to anyone facing impaired driving charges to use Brian Starkman.

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My name is Steve and I am beyond thankful for Brian’s help, guidance and assistance when it came to my case. I was charged with over 80 and my career and life would have been greatly affected by a guilty verdict. I did not think that there was much hope before I met with Brian.. Brian was up front and honest with me, never giving me any false hope but letting me know that we did have a chance. In the end, as a result of Brian’s professionalism, hard work and knowledge of the court procedures, my over 80 was dropped to a careless driving charge (from a Criminal charge to a Highway Traffic charge). I cannot thank Brian enough for saving my job, my career and for giving me second chance. I was given a second chance because of Brian and I would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation.

Today I won my Over 80 charge in the Grenville Court in Brampton. This was all possible due to Brian’s extensive experience and his confidence in the courtroom. I honestly had given up hope after hearing the story of other people with DUI’s. I still cannot believe that all the charges against me were dismissed. He’s given me a second chance in life and I could not be happier. If anyone has been charged with a DUI, I strongly suggest you give Brian a call. He was always prepared for each of the court appearances. He really knows what he’s doing. Thank you so much again Brian Starkman. God Bless.

Brian Starkman is an excellent lawyer. He is very knowledgeable in the area of drinking and driving. He was able to successfully fight my case and resulted in my charges being dismissed. I am glad I accepted his suggestion to use a toxicologist which really strengthened my case. He was extremely professional and understanding throughout the case. I highly recommend Brian’s services, especially for drinking and driving charges as he definitely knows what he is doing.

Brian was my life saver after being charged with DUI and over 80. He was supportive, honest and represented my interests well, resulting in a very positive outcome (reduced charges to Careless Driving under the Highway Traffic Act rather than a criminal conviction. I am glad to have found Brian when I really needed someone solid and knowledgeable to help me through this process. Thanks again to Brian.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my recent court appearance and it is all due to Mr. Starkman. Mr. Starkman handles himself in a very professional and confident manner and without him on my side, I highly doubt I would have had the desired outcome I was hoping for. Because of his expertise I was able to avoid a criminal record that would have affected my professional career for the rest of my life. I could not be happier or thank him enough for what he has done for me. I appreciated his constant reassurance throughout this trial. I would recommend him to any and all who are looking for a lawyer to help them with their legal matters.

I was very pleased with the professionalism in which Mr. Starkman conducted himself. His courtroom manner and expertise was top notch. During a very difficult time in my life, it was very reassuring to have him on my side. It put my worries at ease. The fees I paid to have him on my side was worth every penny. If you are going through a DUI charge and want to put your fears to rest, I strongly recommend Mr. Starkman’s services. Thank you!

On May 2012 I was charged with Over 80 in Ontario. Mr. Starkman took on my case and after meeting with him and witnessing Brian in the courtroom, Brian’s professional knowledge, confidence and expertise is second to none. Brian was well worth having on my side in the courtroom. The outcome of the case was very much in my favour. I cannot thank Brian enough for all his hard work and time. Great job Brian, thank-you again.

I was very happy I had Brian represent me on my drnking and driving charge, because of his efforts the charge was dismissed. I avoided a criminal record and was able to keep my license. I highly recommend him.

Hello just to start off, I am not working for Mr.Starkman, I am not his secretary, nor his assistant.I am a regular blue collar Joe, with a 9 to 5 job who slugs it out each day in the heat and the cold, and works hard for each and every dollar. My case was one that I wasn’t sure he was going to win. I doubted him, not initially, but the more I looked into it the less encouraged I became. The day I met Brian he knew this and told me, “Relax ,let me drive the bus” and within minutes of reading my disclosure he knew we had a winner. I was charged with care and control and over 80, it looked very bleak and it was very confusing to say the least.Brian won the case with hard work and with a different view than I would have ever thought. How clever of him. That my friends only comes with experience. One lawyer, I met at the trial actually told me I had chosen the best. If I had 5 thumbs they would be all up for this man. He is a bit of a grump, but means well in his heart. Thank you Brian.

Brian represented me on my over 80 dollar charge. I was very fortunate to have a dedicated, confident and knowledgable lawyer. Brian’s cross examination of the crown’s witnesses and closing statement was outstanding, as a result of his expertise I was found not guilty. I would highly recommend Brian. Thanks again.

I was charge in Goderich over 80.I thought my case was hopeless, but he constantly reassured me that things would work out in my favor, and they did. If you are looking for a lawyer for over 80 case in Goderich Ontario Would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with an over 80 charge in Ontario , look no further than Mr. Brian Starkman. He is the best and worth every penny! Great communication, easy to work with, looked out for my best interests. Thanks again

We wish to take this opportunity to thank Brian, Kas and Karen for a job “well done”. Mr. Brian Starkman is an excellent, well informed and hard working lawyer. He is very respectful of all concerned parties. He is confident and has the ability to face any challenge. We are most impressed with Mr. Starkman’s thorough professionalism. Mr. Starkman’s expertise was very important and helpful in bringing about a successful resolution of the case. Thanks again! AD/MD

Mr. Starkman is a really great guy that fought hard to have my impaired charge dropped. He did not stop at the word of the police offices, who was obviously not divulging the entire episode as it actually happened. He pressed on until all records and videos of my arrest were presented and the Judge saw that what was reported and the actual events were not the same. The charge was then dropped. I am VERY relieved at the conclusion and am convinced that it was due to the professionalism of Brian Starkman.

Brain was awsome i thought my case was open close but because of brains knolge and experence he was able to show me theres no such thing. he was able to have me keep my linces and no crimal record. very very impressed iwould recomend foe any crimal charges hes a machine and wont stop till u can get the best out come highly recomend thanks brian

I want to comment on the experience with Brian Starkman who represented me at my trail on Sept. 24 2013 . My case appeared to me to be difficult to win but Mr. Starkman and his experience was able to get me a favorable outcome. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing representation in legal matters. Tim A

Very helpfull, with his assistance, and help to prepare myself for the case, and to attend the Court I was able to reach my goal, and we WON the case. He represented me in front of the Court with excellent skills, and efforts to prove all in my favour. I am sure that anyone who is considering retaining Mr. Starkman will get full attention, and valuable service from him personaly, and his office. Thank you very much one more time Mr. Starkman. AM, Niagara Falls, Ontario

I was very impressed with the amount of work Brian put into working on my case for me. Because of his diligence and knowledge of the law system my charge was dismissed. I was very relieved to have him “drive the bus”. Thanks, Brian.

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Extremely experienced and very comfortable to talk to. I had a very good experience in how they dealt with my case. Even when I was afraid the odds were against me; they managed to turn it around and beat my case. I would highly recommend Brain Starkman and his associate (Kas Marynick) to anyone seeking legal assistance.

All together he is a really good lawyer. From the first time you meet him you can tell he’s got a lot of experience, he’s confident and he knows what he talks about. I am very satisfied with my over 80 case result and I would definitely recommend Mr Starkman to everyone.

I just had a very positive experience with Brian Starkman regarding my over 80 charge from three years ago. Brian worked xtremely hard to win the case and went to the wall with every reasonable argument that he could in my defense. Brian even pushed the case waiting for an important decision from the Supreme Court of Canada. Brian’s perseverance, research, knowledge and respect for the judicial system did well for my case and I am forever grateful that he was able to win the case as it was a difficult situation. Thank you Brian for all you have done and for anyone who is looking for a hardworking, trustworthy lawyer I would recommend you put your trust in Brian. Respectfully Jeremy L.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and you don’t want to plead guilty before you talk to an expert. Mr. Starkman and his team were very helpful, knowledgeable, and never gave up on me. He was informative and of course he is one of the best out there specially in DUI cases. He helped me and one of my friends (in case of my friend, it was a different matter than DUI) and saved us from getting wrongfully accused. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone.

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I was found not guilty today and I think the officer who arrested me was not happy about it. I was very impressed and pleased with Brian’s representation, especially the result! I recommend him highly.

I was very pleased to have Mr. Starkman represent me in my DUI case. He and his team were very friendly, cordial, and available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. Communication was excellent. I thought my case was hopeless, but he constantly reassured me that things would work out in my favor, and they did. If you are looking for a lawyer for your DUI case in Southern Ontario, look no further than Mr. Starkman. He is the best and worth every penny!

Amazing work got me out of a really sticky situation so i can move on with my life. Would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a dui charge in ontario

In the past year I have had the pleasure of having Brian Starkman and his team represent me for what would have been life changing. I cant thank them enough for their outstanding work and dedication. for all the great work is why I rate them the way I did. thanks again.