Ontario DUI lawyer

Have you been charged with a DUI in Ontario?

Ontario DUI lawyer Brian Starkman can help dismiss or reduce your impaired driving charge often down to a traffic ticket and handles all Ontario DUI’s! (Impaired Driving, Over 80 & Refusal Charges)

DUI lawyer Brian Starkman fights hard to win impaired driving charges at trial. If he does not think we can fully aquit the case he will attempt to plea bargain the criminal charge down to a traffic ticket! This would mean no license suspension, no criminal conviction/record, and saving a LOT of money on car insurance.

Ontario DUI lawyer Brian Starkman is a former crown prosecutor and knows exactly what the prosecution will use against you. This unique experience gives great insight on how to successfully defend your case and win in trial! Many paralegals or lawyers that do NOT specialize in impaired driving (often called DUI’s) will not be competent and understand which defences to utilize for your impaired driving charge (DUI charge). It is important to realize that impaired driving charges have MANY defences. Ontario DUI lawyer Brian Starkman’s high success rate is due to the fact that he knows all of the Ontario DUI impaired driving defences that can be used and which one will work best to win your impaired driving charge! Mr. Starkman will have many strategies to help show that the prosecution was not able to actually PROVE its case against you which leads to full acquittals of your case. In other words you case is fully dismissed or won with absolutely no finding of guilt against you! If Brian Starkman does not think that your particular case can be won at trial, he will attempt to plea bargain the impaired driving charge down to a traffic ticket (careless driving). This is still considered a very successful outcome because you will not have a criminal record and your license will NOT be suspended. Therefore, you will not be required to take a re-licensing programme with the Ministry of Transportation or install an ignition interlock system in your motor vehicle.

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