Impaired Driving

Have you been charged with Impaired Driving In Ontario?

Don’t Wait, you should hire an impaired driving lawyer IMMEDIATELY!

Although you can hire an impaired driving lawyer at any time before the trial date, it’s important that you retain a lawyer early in the process which will give you the highest chance of winning the impaired driving charge. The reason why is due to the fact that there will likely be more defences available to be used if the impaired driving lawyer is retained early on in the case. Also, an experienced impaired driving lawyer hired early in the process will likely preserve the evidence including any receipts for purchasing alcohol, credit card bills that may help with your defence.

If you retain a good impaired driving lawyer early in the process, the lawyer will be able to contact any witnesses and collect information from them that may help defend your case while it’s still fresh in the memories of those witnesses. These witnesses may be better able recall how much you had to drink, or remember that you did not appear to be impaired on the day you were charged with impaired driving. They will likely be interviewed and statements will be taken from them to help preserve their memory of the events that took place on the day you were charged.

The earlier you retain an impaired driving lawyer, the longer period of time that lawyer has to work on your case, and extract as many defences as possible including scheduling future court dates to assert your right to a speedy trial under the Charter. If a speedy trial does not occur and the case is unreasonably delayed, this could also be used to fully win your impaired driving charge. If you have been charged with impaired driving, you need an impaired driving lawyer TODAY! Don’t wait or procrastinate as you will only be negatively affecting the chances of being acquitted in your case.