Impaired Driving Lawyer Costs

Brian Starkman is Ontario’s #1 DUI Lawyer and offers a FREE consultation for anyone charged with impaired driving and can let you know exactly what costs you can expect after analyzing your case.   We also have a cap or maximum fee per case which includes trial.

Financing for impaired driving cases:

We understand that most people are not able to pay the entire legal fee up front. This is why we offer flexible financing or payment plans and may give up to 6 months to pay the legal fee.

You can call 1 866 WE WIN 01 (1866 939 4601) to setup a free initial meeting and our Brian Starkman will go over your impaired driving costs and tell you the possible defences that may be used to possibly dismiss your case or plea bargain the impaired driving charged down to a traffic ticket.

Our office handles a high volume of Impaired Driving, Over 80 & Refusal charges all throughout Ontario. Due to the high volume of cases we handle we have efficient systems in place to lower our costs. Every case is different so we need to review your charges before giving you a quote.

Call 1 866 WE WIN 01 to setup your free initial consultation and case review with Toronto’s Best DUI Lawyer – Brian Starkman.