DUI Lawyer & Plea Bargaining

More on plea bargaining (plea negotiations)

Although we attempt to gain an acquittal in our clients cases, in certain cases it is better to accept a plea bargain to a lesser offence then lose the case completely. Plea bargaining occurs when negotiations take place between the criminal lawyer and the prosecutor, and both parties agree that the original charge be dropped and a guilty plea be entered for a lesser offence. Brian Starkman will attempt to plea bargain impaired driving charges down to a traffic ticket. However, prosecutors must have a good reason to enter into plea negotiations and may occur if the lawyer can show that the prosecution’s case will likely not be strong enough to convict the accused with an impaired driving type offence. You will need an experience criminal lawyer that specializes in impaired driving to show all of the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Brian Starkman was a crown prosecutor which gives him the experience and insight on how to show all of the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. He will get you the BEST deal possible and available if he cannot win your case. Mr. Starkman has been ranked the #1 Best DUI Lawyer in Ontario by LawyerRatingz.com.